Columbia Gorge One-Design (CGOD)


August 6, 7 & 8 2004


 I-14, Laser, Melges 24, Tasar, Europe, J/24 District Championship and A-Cats






Cascade Locks on Friday was a bit damp with the first warring scheduled for noon, with the breeze very light and variable the postponed flag went up. When it came down a few hours later the clouds had lifted and a bit of breeze out of the west the I-14’s left the beach followed by the A-Cats. [Photo]  The Committee (Columbia Gorge Racing Association) did an excellent job of getting a few starts in for the I-14s and A-Cats wile the J-24s started to launch. With Renee Speak providing excellent photo ops (she can be reached at to get awesome I-14 photos)




(Below)  I-14

(Below) Bridge of the Gods in the background as they launch J24s

A-Cat on Saturday prepping for a start


Saturday with the I-14 warring signal planned for 10:30 the beach was busy with boats rigging, with the wind light the racing was again delayed while the Committee boats sorted it out, with two courses (East and West) and 7 fleets it was a nice bit of committee work. The East course with M24, J24, Laser and Europe’s had a breeze enough to get two races in. Excellent photographs by Scott of Rhumbline Photos of the East course can be found at , while the west course was a bit of a drifter, after several attempts to get a start off and a few interesting boat tricks the committee sent the boats back to the beach. Later in the afternoon the westerly had picked up enough for racing to start on the West course.

(Below) The beach at Cascade Locks

(Below) the 4th mode?

(Above Lone J24)

(Above Tasers)


(Below) big wave*ohs trying to keep clean air

Sunday bright, clear with the breeze from the East and whitecaps on the water, racing got underway with a bang the West course saw a lot action for the I-14s, with the A-Cats and Tasar making it look easy, Renee was all over the whaler framing up killer photographs as we tried to keep up with the boats, while Scott was up at the East course from the looks of things he had a lot of photo ops. As the breeze increased the 14s returned to the beach and the Committee moved the Lasers and Europe’s over to the West course to get a few more races in.

checking the breeze


(left) lee shore beach with a Easterly wind was quite the show watching the boats get off.

(right) I-14 showing off the rudder foil

(left) the bare away set, sub style


  (left) Scott of Rhumbline Photos

(above) J24 Free Blow


Ray in his Laser blasting past channel marker during the last race of the day

More photo's of the event can be found at pacific fog
Race Results can be located at Columbia Gorge Racing Association

all photographs and images ©Sean Trew 2001