Driving a beat up old Whaler on half-hazard weekend adventures, Pacific Fog is known for a mish-mash of Nikon camera gear and a relaxed business attitude.

Some times using a digital camera and sometimes using  film that will never see the light of day never the less the warm glow of a scanner bed, I might remember to turn the image quality up  enough to give you a good print. Other times, You may only end up with web-quality images.

Sure it could be run in a much more professional manner but hey, that's what the pros are for right?

So if you're looking for a killer print please see the bookmarks page for links to support your local photographer. We have some very good ones around the area and I can tell you how much time goes into sorting, cataloging, selling and printing a 5"x7" photograph let alone the time spent sitting around in a small boat getting a sweet image of each boat on the course, so please give them your support.

If you're still reading and feel that I may actually have an image that you can't do without or are looking for a quote on commercial or editorial images, you can see if I have them on The Printroom Site or you can contact me via my email address located below. Please note that it may be a week or so before you get a response. As a side note, proceeds raised will be donated to local environmental groups to try and off set some of damage running the whaler around. 

Contact: Sean Trew




On the water: Contact me via VHF channel 16

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