Toliva Shoal Race

36.8 nautical miles in the shallow end of the pound (very southern end of the sound) its a crazy course, sending you though Dana Passage with currents up to 4 knots and Balch Passage that can even be worse

This year it was something to sail with the wind out of the

North shift to the North East and Blue Sky's and

balmy temperatures (the day started at 17 warming to mild 42)

Artemis an Andrews 53 sailed the course in 4 hours and

47 minutes to be the first boat to finish

Green Card and Ericson 27 correcting out to be first over all (PHRF) with a course time of 6 hours and 57 minutes

(final results can be found at

Zealot a J33 just inside Dana Passage

Gadzooks J30 with the Olympics hanging overhead

Strider F9A with Mount Rainier

Gayle Fore wanting some of the breeze back